Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ClickBank Marketing: How To Add Their Ads To Your Site

ClickBank marketing can be a very lucrative endeavor if approached correctly.

If you work to control factors like traffic generation and getting targeted traffic you have won half the battle.

What ClickBank marketing allows you to do is research their more than 30,000 products and find and market something you feel would work well in your niche.

This is the typical way.

The strategy I'm about to discuss will not only let you market targeted products to your niche but do this in multiples much like Google AdSense.

Except there is no approval time and a potentially much higher commission rate.

Sound interesting?

Ok let's get our hands dirty.

First thing we do is log in to our ClickBank marketing account.

Click account settings.

Look for the tiny link right under the tabs that says HopAd Builder and click.

This will take you to Hopad Builder page and you will see two displays of the types of ads you can create.

Click Get Started on the style you prefer.

You will have various fields to fill in depending on what style you choose.

One will have multiple tabs and another will have about the same appearance as Google AdSense.

While you are filling out the various fields for keywords and tab names depending on what style you chose you can click the refresh button above the image to see the changes you have made or that you need to make.

After you have a basic outline you will go to the next step and alter the appearance to your liking remember to use the refresh button to check out the changes you have made.

Now once you have everything like you want it's time to add it to your site so you begin your ClickBank marketing adventure.

So you would click the Next button and then you will see your HTML code. To keep the text explanation simple copy this code then paste it in the chosen insertion point of your blog or website.

Want to see exactly how to begin your ClickBank marketing with a your very on Hop Ad? Click the links below for a step by step tutorial.

Like I mentioned above click this ClickBank marketing link for your tutorial. And for more internet marketing advice click the provided link.

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