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Making Money With Clickbank Affiliate Program

If you are just starting out online, you might have been told that Clickbank affiliate program is the best to join if you are new to online market. And while that is quite true, there are also some learning curve issues that you'll face with their marketplace.

But first find out what Clickabnk affiliate program is rated the best by affiliates. Well some of the reasons are:

1. Clickbank pays two times per month. And their checks are always on time.
2. Clickbank treats its affiliates well. They actually pay affiliates before the pay vendors.
3. You can promote any product in the Clickbank marketplace once you are approved
4. No one has ever been denied an account with Clickbank
5. Though you will promote from different vendors, it is Clickbank that pays you.
6. Their support staff is excellent
7. Once approved, which usually takes minutes, you can start promoting all the products in the market place right away.
8. They do a all of the tracking for you concerning your commissions
9. They have been around for some time and have a good solid track record
10. Affiliates are happy with them and that means that they will be around for a long time to come.

They have just improved the look and feel of their platform for ease of use by both affiliates and vendors. But even with those great attributes, it is still not so easy to understand or navigate the market place.
Yes there are a wide variety of products there, but if you are completely new to affiliate marketing then the market place can be quite overwhelming to navigate.

Learning the ropes of Clickbank affiliate program takes some time and effort on your part to fully understand it. It is divided into categories and sometimes what you think should be in a certain category is not.

One of the tricks in understanding Clickbank when searching for a particular product or title is to put quotes around your search. So say you are searching for acne, instead of just typing acne, it is best to type "acne". The reason for this is that if a vendor mention acne in his pitch to get affiliates to promote his product, because he has done well in the acne niche, he will also come up.

So to get a more super targeted results, it is best to use when searching for items. Clickbank affiliate program is available to affiliates in the United States and other countries too. So you can now see why it is the preferred choice for affiliate marketers.

Also Clickbank has helped many gurus to become millionaire just by providing a safe and user friendly platform. Affiliates know that they will not be robbed or cheated and can be rest assured that they will collect their checks every two weeks.

If you are looking to get online and not sure how to get start, choose Clickbank affiliate program and you could be on your way earning money in the next 24 hours.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Promoting ClickBank Affiliate Products With Banners

When it comes to promoting ClickBank affiliate products, then flash banner or GIF banner advertisement links can be very powerful.

Most good ClickBank vendors know that by offering banners to their affiliates will only empower them to generate more click-through traffic whereby increasing sales. Scrolling through the marketplace you'll find thousands of vendors but sadly, only a small number of them who truly understand that it's the affiliates making them more profitable.

The smart vendors realize that ClickBank is merely a tool to sell a product via a salesperson (the affiliate); and by giving the salesperson the proper tools (gif or flash banners) to sell only increases their ROI. The best way to empower affiliates is by giving them as many banner ad sizes as possible to promote that product or service.

Banner Size: According to most Internet research firms, larger banners are more much likely to get a click-through than small banners. That being said, the page will determine the size of the banner. With most blogs, the right side panel is typically used for a 160x600 skyscraper banner while the header may have a 728x90 banner.
Make sure the message is on target: Use only those banner ads that fit your niche. Don't accept a banner ad selling books on dogs if your market is satellite TV - that's just wasted real estate.
Active Banners: Banners that have active moving parts will generally have more attraction to them as it catches the eye vs. a plain banner. If nothing else, have a small button on the banner change color to attract attention on where to click.
Banner text: Keep it simple and to the point. Remember, the banner is supposed to attract attention and then illicit a response. The best way to do this is to follow item #3 from above and follow it up with a snappy question then followed by a way to solve the problem. For example: Can't get rid of embarrassing pimples? Click Here to find out how I did in only 7 days!
Now, the above is only a suggestion, but you get the point. You ask a question and solve it by offering a way to do it. You can also use phrases like "click now", "download now", "limited offer" which typically appeal to viewers as they want their problem solved quickly.

There are number of websites that offer affiliate flash banners but only a small handful that understand best marketing practices and can match the banner to the product. It's best to ask questions of affiliate banner companies prior to ordering. Its also a good idea to view their online portfolios.

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ClickBank - Make Money

Making money from ClickBank usually comes in to ways:

You make the money from people.
People make the money from you.
In case you do not know much about ClickBank, it is an on line affiliate directory where digital products basically e-books are marketed and sold.

The question remains: how does one make money from this directory (ClickBank)?

I will focus on how you will make money from ClickBank because making money is the aim of every body. If becoming rich over night is your aim please discontinue reading this article but if making money through a laid down structure is what you want then continue.

You can make money from ClickBank by being an information producer or an affiliate marketer.

As an information producer, you will package particular information, usually information that people will benefit from or have their problem solved after reading, and start marketing through ClickBank. In most cases, you can not market it alone therefore you employ the service of interested marketer to help you market it on a commission basis.

These interested marketers are called the affiliates and the process of marketing is called affiliate marketing.

Research has shown that bulk money can be made from being an affiliate marketer. Then, you need to ask: what does it takes to be an affiliate marketer?

The prerequisite for affiliate marketing are as follows:

*Right mentality

*Good products

*Good keyword research knowledge

*Landing page

*Traffic generation


The difference between the rich and the poor is the difference between their mentalities. It has been proved that what we are today or the level we operate today is the product of our thinking. Therefore, you must be convinced that money can be made through affiliate program, and that will give you the force and ability to work hard and smart. That is why I said earlier, if becoming rich overnight is you goal, just do not start it because it take great patience to achieve greatness.


There is this adage that says "good product sales itself". As an affiliate marketer you should be able to pick the right product that actually delivers it promises. Identifying these good products can be done by going to on line forums and listening to what people are saying about the products, or, you buy the product for personal assessment.


This is the act of knowing through which words or phrases people search for that particular product. Your ability to know that, gives you an advantage of positioning yourself before the buyers. There are several tools that can help you do that but the best remains the Go ogle keyword tool which can be found at Google keyword tools.


In a simple statement, this is called your shop. This is where you will direct your intending buyers. Professionally, it is called website. Though, it is not easy to create one but an effective alternative exist for new affiliate marketers which is the Blog. You can create one for your product through Blogger.com


Admiring a girl does not make her your lover until you make it known to her. So is applicable to affiliate marketing. Having the right mentality, good products, good keywords and the best landing pages without advertising your products is as good as not having done anything.

Therefore, traffic generation is the act of telling people this is what I have for sale through article writing, pay per click and other form of on line adverts.

In summary, all listed above are crucial for your survival as an affiliate marketer, until you do them and stick to them with perseverance you can not make money through ClickBank rather you will be making money for others invariably being a living automatic teller machine through jumping from one how to make money e-book to another.

Gregory I smith is the owner of http://making-moneyonlinenow.blogspot.com and reviews popular home business ideas and opportunities. Gregory's most popular home business plan and recommendation is the affiliate market guide at [http://www.marketingwithclickbank.com] where you can get all secretes of affiliate market made easy in 7 days.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ClickBank Marketing: How To Add Their Ads To Your Site

ClickBank marketing can be a very lucrative endeavor if approached correctly.

If you work to control factors like traffic generation and getting targeted traffic you have won half the battle.

What ClickBank marketing allows you to do is research their more than 30,000 products and find and market something you feel would work well in your niche.

This is the typical way.

The strategy I'm about to discuss will not only let you market targeted products to your niche but do this in multiples much like Google AdSense.

Except there is no approval time and a potentially much higher commission rate.

Sound interesting?

Ok let's get our hands dirty.

First thing we do is log in to our ClickBank marketing account.

Click account settings.

Look for the tiny link right under the tabs that says HopAd Builder and click.

This will take you to Hopad Builder page and you will see two displays of the types of ads you can create.

Click Get Started on the style you prefer.

You will have various fields to fill in depending on what style you choose.

One will have multiple tabs and another will have about the same appearance as Google AdSense.

While you are filling out the various fields for keywords and tab names depending on what style you chose you can click the refresh button above the image to see the changes you have made or that you need to make.

After you have a basic outline you will go to the next step and alter the appearance to your liking remember to use the refresh button to check out the changes you have made.

Now once you have everything like you want it's time to add it to your site so you begin your ClickBank marketing adventure.

So you would click the Next button and then you will see your HTML code. To keep the text explanation simple copy this code then paste it in the chosen insertion point of your blog or website.

Want to see exactly how to begin your ClickBank marketing with a your very on Hop Ad? Click the links below for a step by step tutorial.

Like I mentioned above click this ClickBank marketing link for your tutorial. And for more internet marketing advice click the provided link.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Shoemaker

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